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Gerda Ilse Naydock

* 15.05.1925

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07.10.2018 um 20:45 | Dr. Gerd Naydock

Ruhe in Frieden.

18.07.2016 um 04:47 | Gerd-Ralph Naydock

I'm feeling a bit sad and sentimental this evening. My beloved chihuahua is very sick and it pretty certain that we will have to euthanize her. If you get these messages, would you please take care of her for me when she crosses over? She's a wonderful little girl and will keep you company there.

14.07.2016 um 06:53 | Gerd-Ralph Naydock

Wishing you the peace that you were never afforded in life. Come visit me in my dreams.

14.07.2016 um 06:48 | Gerd-Ralph Naydock

You are still remembered and thought of here.

14.07.2016 um 06:29 |

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